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What is Astral Projection?


What does astral projection feel like…? It was a night like any other. She closed her eyes to sleep and, a few moments later, felt her body floating up in the air. Tingling sensations and vibrations were running through her body. Curiously, she opened her eyes and what she saw shook her and, she trembled with fear. It was her own body that she was looking at from above. Her presence was shifting away from her physical body. A strange feeling. The following morning, she woke up and remembered the phenomenon like it was a very realistic dream. 


Astral Projection is sometimes referred to as an intentional out-of-body experience.

But what is this out-of-body experience? Out-of-body experience or OBE is a state where a person feels that their consciousness has separated from the physical body. The person feels like they are floating in space and looking at their own self from above. They can see and hear everything going on around them. This has mostly been noticed in near-death experiences when someone on the verge of death is brought back to life. In many cases, such people have reported a non-physical body, also called the astral body, coming out of them and floating above their head.

Astral Projection is a practice where people voluntarily try to achieve the out-of-body state, that is, separate their astral body from the physical body. Despite numerous researches, there is no scientific evidence to exactly understand this phenomenon, although many researchers believe that it is caused by simple miscommunication between the human optic nerve and brain.

On the other hand, some people believe astral projection to be satanic. People practicing this have reported seeing monsters and spirits when they are in this astral body state. But again, the researchers counter it with the argument that the same miscommunication between our sense of sight and brain leads to such hallucinations.

In some rare cases, it happens to kids automatically and tends to stop as they age.

How to perform Astral Projection?

One of the most common techniques to perform Astral Projection is as follows:-

When you are ready to sleep, keep your eyes open until it gets so heavy that the eyelids start closing themselves. At the same time, imagine a rope hanging from the ceiling and imagine climbing it”.

It takes a lot of time and practice to achieve the desired state. A very few known people have been able to achieve it.

Try this…

Here’s an experiment for those who have successfully reached the state. Ask someone to write a word or a number (without showing you) on a piece of paper and put it under your bed. Try reading it in your astral state, and then see if you can correctly recall the same after waking up. This should be enough to show if astral projection and astral body, is real or it’s just our mind playing games.

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