Eye of Providence (symbol of the Illuminati)

Secrets of The Illuminati

Illuminati is believed to be a secret organization comprising of the most powerful people in the world aiming to establish a New World Order. Some people even believe that every single thing that is going on in our world, from political elections to terrorist attacks, is to some extent, controlled by the members of the Illuminati.

There are conspiracies claiming various celebrities to be a part of this secret organization. Celebrities like Jay Z, Rihanna, and Kim Kardashian. In the modern era, the existence of the Illuminati is not factual and no solid evidence has been found.

Origin of the Illuminati

The origin of the Illuminati is traced back to the year 1776. In the small town of Bavaria(part of present Germany), there was an uproar for human rights and religious freedom. A professor of civil law, Johann Adam Weishaupt, strongly supported it. He began to teach the shortcomings of the religious churches to the commoners. He was spreading the message that people shouldn’t blindly follow the ideals of the churches. Moreover, they should have their own opinion and should be able to differentiate right from wrong. Soon after, a secret group formed that followed these teachings. They were called the Illuminati. The major aspects of this society were based on another group called Freemasons.

As these groups gained popularity, their existence became an open secret. The Catholic churches, who had a great influence on public affairs, viewed this as a competition. In the year 1784, the duke of Bavaria, Charles Theodore, banned the existence of all the secret groups as he believed it to be a threat to their religious faith. Nine years later, the group dissolved. Its members were separated and Johann Adam Weishaupt was sent on an exile.

The Illuminati Today



Even though the Illuminati disestablished, many people believe that a few of their members got re-united and began to reconstruct the organization in secret.

On the other hand, looking at the facts, the birth of the modern Illuminati took place in the 1960s when the text Principia Discordia was published. The text mainly focused on the fact that chaos is as important as peace. Robert Anton Wilson, an editor of the playboy magazine, and Kerry Wendell Thornley, one of the authors of Principia Discordia, thought that the world was becoming too restricted and serious. They decided to bring chaos to the world by spreading misinformation. They began to spread rumors about Illuminati by publishing in magazines and sending fake letters. The rumor spread worldwide. Later, Wilson and Kerry published a book ‘The Illuminatus! Trilogy’. This book gained a lot of popularity. Various stage plays were made and games were launched based on it. The concept of the Illuminati became so viral that many people began to believe in its existence and many still do.

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