Annabelle doll in Conjuring movie

Real Story of the Annabelle Doll

The famous haunted doll, Annabelle is currently stored in Ed and Lorraine Warrens’ Occult Museum in Monroe, Connecticut. It is referenced in the popular movie The Conjuring. However, it looks completely different from the one shown in the movie.

Real Annabelle Doll
Real Annabelle Doll

First appearance of the Annabelle doll

It was the year 1970. Donna, a young nursing student was in her flat with her roommate Angie, when she received a gift from her mother. It was a doll that her mother had bought from an antique store. Donna accepted this and kept the doll with her. 

Soon after she got the doll, strange things began to happen in their place. They would usually find the doll in a different place than where it was kept. Donna would leave the doll in her bed before going to college and would find it on the sofa when she returned. These mysterious events became serious when one day, Donna and Angie found a bunch of papers with writings on them. It said, “Help Me!”. The doll also had drops of blood in its eyes. This extremely terrified them and they immediately called a priest.

Father Cook arrived at Donna and Angie’s house and examined the doll. He tried to communicate with the spirit inside the doll. On having a successful conversation through a medium, he found out that the doll was possessed by the spirit of a 7-year-old girl named Annabelle Higgins. Moreover, the doll’s spirit told him that she wanted to continue living with Donna and Angie. Annabelle also promised that she wouldn’t hurt anybody. Listening to this, Donna and Angie decided to keep the doll with themselves.

Following events after the communication

For a few days, the doll caused no harm. But everything changed when one of their friends, Lou, came to live with them. Lou always felt negativity from the doll. On various occasions, he asked Donna to throw away the doll but Donna would refuse every time. Lou would frequently have dreams where he would be paralyzed and would see the Annabelle doll walking towards him. According to Lou, he was not even sure if all those were dreams or real events.

One afternoon, Angie and Lou heard a loud noise coming from Donna’s room. They knew Donna was not at home and first thought it to be a burglar. They rushed into Donna’s room. There they found nothing wrong but the Annabelle doll lying on the floor, Suddenly, Lou felt severe pain in his upper body. He removed his shirt and saw deep scratch marks on his chest. Blood flowing out through the cuts.

They immediately contacted Father Cook and told him everything that happened. Father Cook found this matter out of his hands. Therefore, he contacted the famous paranormal researcher couple, Edward and Lorraine Warren

After arriving at the scene. Ed and Lorraine Warren examined the doll. They concluded that the doll was actually possessed by an evil demon. The demon lied about being a little girl so that it could take over a human body. They confiscated the doll and carried it with them. On their way back, they almost avoided a major car accident. Using holy water on the doll, they managed to carry it to their Occult Museum and locked it carefully.

Annabelle doll in Ed and Lorraine Warren's Occult Museum
Annabelle doll in Ed and Lorraine Warren’s Occult Museum

What happened after the doll was locked?

The doll was exorcised and securely locked in its case in Ed and Lorraine Warrens’ Occult Museum in Monroe. A warning sign is attached to the case forbidding anyone to go near it.

One day, one of the visitors decided to ignore that warning. He not only went close to the doll but also mocked and made fun of it. Noting happened at that time. But on his way home, his motorcycle slipped and he died in a road accident.

Many similar cases of deaths have been reported of people who tried to get close to the doll.


All the stories do prove that the doll contains some evil spirit. However, no scientific research has proven any of it. Moreover, there is no particular record that talks about any deaths caused to people who came in contact with the doll. While many people believe Ed and Lorraine Warren to be great paranormal experts, others think of them as pro con men.