Last Thursdayism! When was the Universe Created?

universe - last thursdayism

According to research, our universe was created around 13.8 billion years ago. But there is another concept that completely opposes these numbers. Last Thursdayism.

Last Thursdayism is a theory that states that everything was created “last Thursday”. Our universe, the people, and even our memories of the past came into existence “last Thursday”.

Religious Beliefs

Some religious cults that support Last Thursdayism, and beliefs like Young Earth Creationism, believe that the universe was actually created around 6000 years ago but is intentionally made to look old by God to test us.

Another, rarer belief says that it was not the God who created this universe but “‘I’ created this universe to test ‘myself’. Everyone else knows this fact except ‘me’“.

What does science say about Last Thursdayism?

Simply put, the theory of Last Thurdayism cannot be disproved, nor can be proved right. Therefore, instead of experimenting, scientists use philosophical razors. In philosophy, razors are rules of thumb that allow one to shave or eliminate unlikely explanations.

The most popular one is Occam’s Razor. It states that a theory that uses the least pre-assumptions to get to a conclusion would win the philosophical battle. This means that there are more chances for simple explanations to be correct. As Last Thurdayism needs to make many assumptions, it is unlikely to be correct.

Another razor is Issac Newton’s, Flaming Razor Sword. It states that if something cannot be tested by experiment, then it is not worth debating. Thus concluding, that there is no need to even discuss or research Last Thursdayism.